The burgers with endless options and deliciousness.


Our inaugural blog post!  And yes, it has to be about burgers.

If there is one item at any restaurant that I look for, it’s a hamburger. No matter day, mood or location I can always go for a damn good burger.  These delicious  burgers above were purchased from the popular Twisted Root Burger Co located in Dallas and Austin areas. They have practically hundreds of combinations of burgers to choose from because they have so many options for you to select. From avocados to peanut butter. And it’s not limited to just condiments or extras , it also includes the meat as well like Elk or Rabbit meat.. Yes I said that, a Rabbit burger ! These guys know how to make a great burger! And if you love pickles, they have spicy pickles as well!

This place will take several visits before we can run through the menu!

The food info : Her burger – The Ranch Hand (right)  My burger : The Southern Comfort (left) 

If you’re ever in Dallas or Austin you have to give them a quick visit.

And to make it easier for the people who dont want to click through a billion menus… Here you go!


Hello world!

Delicious burger

We wanted to welcome the world to the start of our blog were we chronicle our food/drinks adventures. Bookmark this page for inspiration to try new things in new places! This is going to be epic! Just wait!