5 Delicious Tacos you will love!

Velvet taco

Hello, fellow Foodies!  We recently found out about a new place to eat in the Heights area of Houston and that means a quick visit by us! This new place serves tacos with ingredients that are supposed to be served on someones’s dinner plate. That new place is called Velvet Taco. It’s situated right off Washington Ave right next to the Jack in the Box. We headed right into the place and the first thing we noticed was that the parking lot was small, but the place was loaded with people. UH OH! Luckily, on our first go around in the parking lot we found a spot.

We quickly walked in and noticed that the place was very spacious and clean. GOOD! The line was long, but it moved at a steady pace. The wait gives you plenty of time to go look over the menu and also spot out where you are going to sit to eat.

As you can see from the menu, your first question to yourself, “Is how will they pull all of this off? “. It didn’t seem like the kitchen could handle the massive list of tacos on the menu. Once we buckled down on what we wanted to eat, we pseudo-memorized the numbers on the menu, instead of just reading off the titles of the food from the menu. We each got 3 tacos, not knowing if they were going to be huge or small tacos. We also debated if we were going to get any side items. But we ended up just settling on just the tacos to be safe.

velvet menu

Now for the run down! 

She ordered a  #10 Texas Burger, #15 Shrimp and Grits and a #12 Slow Roasted brisket.

I ordered a  #15 Shrimp and Grits, #11 Grilled Flank Steak and a #2 Rotisserie chicken.

The titles of the tacos don’t do justice in describing what’s in the tacos, so let me help you out!

Rotisserie Chicken
It came with white queso, roasted corn pico, cilantro, and smoked poblano salsa in a corn tortilla. It had great flavor and was really simple.
I really didn’t taste the rotisserie flavor, but it was still a good taco!

Rotisserie taco

Texas Burger
It came with a real burger pattie, peppered bacon, American cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, and velvet sauce in a flour tortilla.
She like this one because it tasted like a real bacon cheeseburger without the bun. I enjoyed it for the same exact reason.

cheeseburger taco

Grilled Flank Steak
It came with grilled flank steak portobello mushrooms, white queso, grilled red onion, and mex – oregano in a corn tortilla.

Steak flank taco

Shrimp and grits
It came with creole mayo, blackened shrimp, deep fried crispy pepper jack cheese grits, charred tomato poblano creole, and micro cilantro in a corn tortilla.

Shrimp and grits

The Texas Burger and the Flank Steak tacos were our favorites.  We would have preferred all the tacos on flour tortillas versus the corn. We’ll make sure to ask next time we visit.

All the tacos

The drink selection is pretty nice too! You won’t find any Coca-Cola or Pepsi here. It’s simple, but the flavors were tasty!

Soda options

I had the black cherry soda that tasted like carbonated Kool- Aid (that’s a good thing) and she had the real lemon – lemonade.
They also have beers on tap, fresh margaritas and old school sodas.(not pictured).

Great sodas

If you love Torchy’s Tacos, you will definitely love this place! So you should definitely check it out if you have an urge for some good ole tacos.

Come back and tell us how you like it!

Their location:
Velvet Taco Map 

Their Menu
Velvet Taco Menu


Stay full my fellow Foodies!

Steak… Steak… Steak and more Steak

steak and salad

Good day ladies and gentlemen! We occasionally enjoy a good steak. Houston Restaurant week does a great job at showcasing some of the best steaks in the city. One thing for sure, that having a good steak isn’t just limited to a restaurant. A great steak as everyone should know doesn’t need any sauce, EVER. This means no A-1 sauce, no steak sauce, no ketchup and definitely no gravy.

One of our favorite streaks to eat is a nice homemade ribeye streak. Pan seared and no added sauces. This steak was one the best steak I had ever had. The salad made it even better. I usually have some nice garlic mashed potatoes or mac and cheese to compliment the meal. This particular day was a salad day! A great mix green salad with dried cranberries, feta cheese, and a light vinaigrette dressing. Home cook meals will always be the best meals to have over going out to a restaurant. One of the benefits is the food is YOURS in how it’s prepared and how it’s seasoned. And it’s not overpriced whatsoever. Good food should be a delicious and affordable too. This meal cost a total of $14 dollars and some change.

steak and salad

The picture below is from one of the best nights to have a steak in the America. STEAK NIGHT TUESDAYS! If you never heard of Steak Night Tuesdays, then I suggest you check this website site out http://houstonsteaknight.com/.There are two reasons you should love steak nights’. The first reason is the steaks should be eaten at least once a week. The second reason is that steaks on the steak night are considerably cheaper versus the regular menu prices. We are talking about a 14oz. Rib Eye with two sides for $16 dollars type of cheap.This particular steak is from the Community Bar in Midtown Houston. A 16oz. Rib Eye with chimichurri, mashed potatoes and some sort of corn, potatoes and mushroom mix. IT WAS SO GOOD!  Go ahead and just stare at the picture while you get into your car to drive to this place! If it’s too far, find a place on the website that’s closer to your area. And if you are out of town, then book a quick flight! 😀

Steak night!

Saving the best for last!  I would like to talk about the steak from the Capital Grille restaurant. This 16oz. T-bone steak of greatness on a plate will set you back $60 dollars and it’s worth at least $75 dollars in my opinion. It was cooked perfectly. It was seasoned perfectly. The food service was perfect. The sides were perfect. One of our favorite sides that accompanies a good steak is Lobster mac and cheese (Not picture)

Great steak

Now that your mouth is watering go ahead and choose your best option for getting a good steak and go for it. If its home cooked or a nice restaurant we’re sure you will make a great choice.

For a good home cooked steak, we recommend these items for the best steak:

Cast Iron Skillet

StarPack Premium Silicone Tongs 2 Pack (9-Inch & 12-Inch), Bonus 101 Cooking Tips (Cherry Red)

For steak night recommendations:

Houston Steak Nights!

For a great steak on a date night :

Location and Menu

Stay full my Foodies! 

Feeling adventurous ? How about a Pigs’ head!

Pig pork white meat

Every so often we get tired of the same old everyday type of meal.  At first, we were going to meet up with some friends at a BYOB Thai restaurant. After the reviews on “pest” control, we decided to just take a drive around town. We ended up at Hay Merchant.

Hay Merchant is a very sophisticated bar. Hundreds of beers, bar bites and pinball machines. Now if that doesn’t hit every aspect of curing the ” what should we do tonight” situation. I don’t know what can.

We attempted to come to this place several times. And every single time, there was an event at the place that made almost impossible to even stand in the same room. Parking was tough, but we were just lucky every single visit.  We all hate not finding parking, but to also have a hard time getting into the restaurant to eat makes even worse. Luckily, on this particular day, we were able to find parking and come in and grab a table. Finally.

Our table was ready in 15 minutes and we sat and read over the menu over and over. Everything looked so good, but we always make it a point to try at least two different things on the menu.  Well…This is where it got weird. We chose the Roasted Pigs’ head. It takes about 45 mins to prepare, so you literally have to buy something good to drink and/or grab some appetizers during the wait.

Appetizers were looking so good, it was a good excuse to try out at least one. We settled on the Blackburn Cajun meat pies. The appetizer came very quickly and it was plenty to go around for two people.  It also comes with a nice creamy dipping sauce.

meat pies

Now for the big entree.

And we mean this literally, it was huge. This thing about was about 10 pounds. It comes with cole slaw and pickled veggies, corn tortillas, kimchi salsa, and lettuce cups. Of course as this is being brought to our table, everyone looked as if money was being delivered to be eaten.  The table was way too small for what we had in front of us, but we made it through that part just fine. I didn’t even realize that they made iron pans this big. Trust me I checked! 

Pig Pig more pig

Her impression: “OMG! It smells funny.”

My impression: “Its way bigger than the pictures on yelp.”

She didn’t know where to start, so I pretended that I did and dove right in.  After removing the skin, it surprised us on how much fat was layered in the head. It was especially prominent throughout the meat as well. And that means it was really greasy.  Unfortunately, this was something we couldn’t just look over. And it was missing a lot of seasonings that would bring out the flavors of the pork. The kimchi salsa and cole slaw was great!  We really wished we settled on the burgers or wings that we saw on the menu. Everyone around us had either had one or the other front of them. Overall, the experience was great,  the meat pies were good, but the Roasted Pigs’ head wasn’t what we expected. Maybe it was just that day. Maybe it was just that restaurant.

Don’t get us wrong, don’t hold back if this is something you want to try. As with anything. Results may vary! But they have regular food items for less adventurous foodies like chicken wraps. We also know that the deep fried pig ears are pretty popular there.

We plan on going back and having their burgers and wings. So be on the lookout for the update.

Their menu:


Their beer list:

Beer list

Their location:


National Ice Cream Day aka Creamy fun day!

dessert ice cream

Hey! It seems like every week there is a new national “food” holiday.  A quick Google search shows the number to be over 150 food holidays. And this past Sunday’s holiday was a great day.  We went to our usual go-to area for finding something to eat.(Rice Village). They have several spots for desserts and at least three places that serve some sort of cold treat.  Swirll, Baskin Robbins, and Cloud10 are the few we think of so far. We settled on Cloud10 creamery.

Cloud10 is sort of a place that experiments with different types of flavors of ice cream. We are talking flavors like Peach and Black olive or Bay Leaf with marmalade ice cream. These are considered seasonal ice creams and you may like a certain flavor and never see it again. Don’t worry, they still have traditional flavors just in case you want to keep it to something that’s normal.

Now for the good part!.

She wanted something simple and settle on the vanilla bean ice cream, topped with candied pecans..I wanted the monthly sundae special. It was fudge sundae with vanilla bean ice cream topped with brownies, raspberry marshmallows, fudge, and whipped cream.

Sundae funday good

Look how good those two go together. We each got three scoops and it took me a very long time to get to the bottom of my cup. I soon found out that what was on the top of the sundae was also at the bottom of the sundae.  Every spoonful was loaded with gooey, chewy, creamy bits of sweet deliciousness. The employees take very good care to make sure that you get the right amount of everything in the cup or waffle cone..

Even though it’s not National Ice Cream day every day, you can give this place a try no matter the date. Bring your friends and family. Once you all grab your favorite flavor of ice cream, go ahead and take a walk around Rice Village to burn it off.

Overall this place seems to always to be always pushing the envelope in term making eccentric ice cream flavors. If you love trying something new, then add this to your list, just like we did.

Have fun!

Their website: 

Cloud10 Creamery

Their location: 


Korean Fried Chicken. Let’s go!

big huge fries

Hello everyone!  Another day. Another foodie outing.  We wanted something to eat close by the house and there was one place right up the street that fit the bill. We chose Dak & Bop off Almeda  and Binz street .Their main theme is Korean Fried Chicken. You choose from several chicken sauces and then it’s fried, then sauced , then fried one more time and served with your choice of dipping sauce(s). Pretty straightforward, right?

Once we entered the restaurant and smelled the aroma of fresh seasonings, we were definitely ready to eat everything they had to offer. The place is small, but not tiny. We recommend groups no bigger than 6 people. The wait was about 15 to 20 mins for our table, so definitely grab a drink while you wait.

While we waited we checked out the menu to see the damage we were about to do!happy girlfriend


They have wings, chicken strips and drumsticks, but they also have a wide variety of other foods to choose from on the menu. They have Baos, which are small sandwiches with meat on a steamed rice bun. They come in Chicken (fried), Carnitas and Philly cheese steak varietiesTheir french fries come in Plain, Parmesan fries, Truffle fries, Truffle-Parmesan fries , Kimchi fries and Kimchi fries with pork or beef. Additionally they have Macaroni and Cheese , Empanadas and salad options. Our next visit will entail getting one of each everything that we didnt try out the first time.

Check out the full Korean inspired menu below to get the full details.

Fries first! 

When it came to which flavor of french fries we wanted, the natural and obvious choice was the Kimchi fries with beef!!! (click the picture to make yourself even more hungry)big huge fries


Their Kimchi fries have a four cheese blend, spicy mayo, Dak and Bok (secret) sauce, green onions, caramelized kimchi , cilantro and toasted sesame seeds.

Wings second! 

The wings were cook perfectly and were full of flavor. Recently, we’ve been criticizing the way wings have been cooked at certain places. Especially wings prepared from that very popular place around Texas. But these wings were spot on! They were crispy, sweet, spicy and definitely satisfying.

The flavors! 

Soy Garlic (minus a wing) (Note: We were hungry)

soy garlic korean


and the Siracha Honey lime (minus a wing)

honey chicken wings


They have a great bar area and have happy hour from Monday through Saturday from 5 to 7pm.  They have a full bar with domestic and imported beer, wine and Sake.  Check out the link to the menu below for the full run down.

If you want some wings that’s Korean inspired or just bored with regular wings, then we can definitely recommend this place for a visit. But remember there may be limited seating , so make sure you have a backup plan.Parking is also limited, so be prepared to park on the street.

Their Menu

Dap & Bok Menu 

Their location 

Dak & Bop

Eat well my friends!

A classic Brunch on a Sunday

breakfast brunch food

As you all will start figuring out, we both enjoy eating brunch on a Sunday. It’s the last day before the work week starts for us. Everyone loves working, right?

This past Sunday we choose a popular brunch spot located in the Rice Village area in Houston called Benjy’s. Its great spot in terms of location and going on a nice mid-day date. I can describe this place to be “different” in their presentation and food ingredients.  Their meals consist of a combination of taste that stimulate each taste bud. This means you will get salty, sweet, bitter and sour in most of their meals. Some are stronger than others, but it’s usually a great balance.

Now for the good part! THE FOOD!IMG_20150705_115704-2

I felt like shrimp this food trip. So the easiest choice was to order their Shrimp and Grits. We are talking about so many flavors, it was like I was having two meals at once.  The meal consisted of grilled shrimp, with smoked jalapeno and cheese grits, roasted tomatoes, bacon, scallions and topped with a fried egg. The shrimp was fresh and was cooked perfectly. The grits were creamy and flavorful. The bacon was crispy and perfectly moist. All of this for a price of just 15 dollars. Most places charge between 17 to 28 dollars for the same meal.   A good Mimosa would definitely compliment this meal. (we didn’t buy any alcohol this trip) .This is something that would be great to cook at home.

Chicken fried sandwich

Her meal was Benjy’s daily special. She selected Crunchy chicken on a Pretzel bun. Drizzled with soy sauce, layered with bacon and a fried egg. She’s not a big fan of runny eggs, so she had it scrambled instead.  It came with a side of jalapeno – cheddar grits as well..  The sandwich was packed with meat. It also came with a side of couscous salad. Benjy’s definitely has their  influences in their meals from it’s restaurant next door neighbor- Local Foods.

Benjy’s has a huge list of options for brunch, so its great for everyone, including the little ones. We recommend visiting at least by 12 noon, so you can avoid waiting for a table.

Their Menu 


Their location’s

Locations and hours


Happy travels fellow foodies!

Bloggers Unite – “How to start your own blog”

Check out our new “How to start your own blog” page. Its full of information about starting you own blog.

If you have a passion for something and been waiting on that final push to start a blog, then you’re in the right place . Take a stroll through our help page.

Take notes.

And have fun! Good luck!

Image credit : freefoodphotos.com

Delicious pizza and donuts = An incredible brunch combo!


Pizza! We all love pizza. So in search of brunch on a Sunday ,we chose one area in Houston we love to visit during the weekends , the Galleria area. Due to the traffic around Houston, its actually preferable since its close to home.  Traffic in Houston can make anyone either really frustrated or really hungry. Luckily on the weekends this isn’t an issue except the hunger part. We chose North Italia for it’s Sunday brunch food variety. It’s located off Post Oak in the BLVD place development around the corner from the Verizon store.

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Something simple and classic – Fried Chicken w/ Collard greens and Mac and Cheese.

Brunch chicken

Max’s Wine Dive in Houston is one of our favorite brunch spots on a Sunday afternoon. Their slogan  is “FRIED CHICKEN AND CHAMPAGNE?…WHY THE HELL NOT?!”  And with that very slogan we both had fried chicken and Mimosas’. Their fried chicken is marinated in Jalapeno-Buttermilk , battered and then slowly deep fried at 250 degrees. Her meal had cheese grits (not pictured) and collard greens. The cheese grits stole the show from my mac and cheese. We couldn’t tell you the exact cheese in the cheese Grits, but I am sure it’s one of the cheeses that’s in the Mac and cheese. The mac and cheese pasta was tossed in a truffle cream with Provolone, Gruyère and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses’.  Only thing that was missing was the BACON… Joking, but we wouldn’t have mind a little bit of bacon on top to give it a bit of saltiness.

The one thing we loved about the Mimosas’, was that you could choose the champagne to compliment the orange juice. This equated to six different types of champagne available for purchase. Yes, that means an entire bottle. We love options!

If you’re ever in the Heights area of Houston and don’t know what to eat on a Sunday afternoon then definitely check these guys out!

Valet parking is recommended. Parking is very limited, especially during Sundays’ brunch.

Their Address

4720 Washington Ave., Ste. B
Houston, TX 77007
See Google map.

Their Hours

Sunday: 10AM – 12AM (brunch 10am – 4pm, dinner 4:30pm – 12am)
Monday & Tuesday: 4PM -12AM
Wednesday & Thursday: 11AM – 12AM (brunch 11am – 3pm, dinner 4pm – 12am)
Friday & Saturday: 10AM – 2AM (brunch 10am – 3pm, dinner 4pm – 2am)

They also have restaurants in other locations in Texas, check out their website to see if there’s one near you.