Steak… Steak… Steak and more Steak

steak and salad

Good day ladies and gentlemen! We occasionally enjoy a good steak. Houston Restaurant week does a great job at showcasing some of the best steaks in the city. One thing for sure, that having a good steak isn’t just limited to a restaurant. A great steak as everyone should know doesn’t need any sauce, EVER. This means no A-1 sauce, no steak sauce, no ketchup and definitely no gravy.

One of our favorite streaks to eat is a nice homemade ribeye streak. Pan seared and no added sauces. This steak was one the best steak I had ever had. The salad made it even better. I usually have some nice garlic mashed potatoes or mac and cheese to compliment the meal. This particular day was a salad day! A great mix green salad with dried cranberries, feta cheese, and a light vinaigrette dressing. Home cook meals will always be the best meals to have over going out to a restaurant. One of the benefits is the food is YOURS in how it’s prepared and how it’s seasoned. And it’s not overpriced whatsoever. Good food should be a delicious and affordable too. This meal cost a total of $14 dollars and some change.

steak and salad

The picture below is from one of the best nights to have a steak in the America. STEAK NIGHT TUESDAYS! If you never heard of Steak Night Tuesdays, then I suggest you check this website site out are two reasons you should love steak nights’. The first reason is the steaks should be eaten at least once a week. The second reason is that steaks on the steak night are considerably cheaper versus the regular menu prices. We are talking about a 14oz. Rib Eye with two sides for $16 dollars type of cheap.This particular steak is from the Community Bar in Midtown Houston. A 16oz. Rib Eye with chimichurri, mashed potatoes and some sort of corn, potatoes and mushroom mix. IT WAS SO GOOD!  Go ahead and just stare at the picture while you get into your car to drive to this place! If it’s too far, find a place on the website that’s closer to your area. And if you are out of town, then book a quick flight! 😀

Steak night!

Saving the best for last!  I would like to talk about the steak from the Capital Grille restaurant. This 16oz. T-bone steak of greatness on a plate will set you back $60 dollars and it’s worth at least $75 dollars in my opinion. It was cooked perfectly. It was seasoned perfectly. The food service was perfect. The sides were perfect. One of our favorite sides that accompanies a good steak is Lobster mac and cheese (Not picture)

Great steak

Now that your mouth is watering go ahead and choose your best option for getting a good steak and go for it. If its home cooked or a nice restaurant we’re sure you will make a great choice.

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Stay full my Foodies!