Starting Your Own Food Blog

Following in footsteps of previous successful bloggers, I wanted to spread the same information that we found searching on Google and various sources like the successful finance blogger @ The FRUGALennial .

The first and my favorite blogger who has plethora of information of not only being a blogger , but how to start your own food blog :
Blog food

First things first. You will need a host for your blog. After many Google searches, most blogs I have found use Bluehost.  Their prices are pretty reasonable for the options sale for hosting a website.

Once you have established your hosting site. You will need to create your a blog. Since there are many options for creating a site for blogging. This will help you narrow it down to the couple of blog creation sites we enjoy.

Here are our two favorites : 

We chose WordPress because its just so simple to maintain. Like anything there is a slight learning curve, but eventually you will  get the hang it.

You then want your blog site to readable, customizable for your target audience. With that said you will need to find a theme generator. recommends several sources, but we settled on WordPress builit in themes. There are also paid options as well.

Here is a list of sites for themes ranging from free to paid.

WordPress free themes

WordPress themes (Paid)

Another great way to get your blog out to the masses is email campaigns or should we say, a mailing list. Currently, we are using Mailchimp to send and maintain our mailing list.

Like with most sites, your results may vary. But this will give you a great starting point in terms of starting your blog and reducing the searching time on Google.

If you any have questions ,  don’t hesitate to contacts us.

Keep eating my friends!

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