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You’re taking your usual stroll through Yelp looking for a new spot to entice your palate. When you’re a foodie, you’ve tried a thousands places before and you need something new. You almost gave up but then you notice a name that makes your eyes light up. It’s Bosscat Kitchen + Libations. From the pictures alone, you just knew you had to try this place out. And that was my story on how I ended up going to them several times in a single month. From brunch to dinner, Bosscat will give you everything that you need to have a great dining experience.

Now lets get into the great food, drinks and the joys of good food.

Fried egg and the rest…

Bosscat Burger

I have a close relationship with fried eggs. If the option is on the menu, I will pay the up-charge to have it. This is where I introduce the Bosscat burger, that’s made with in-house ground beef, bacon, cheese and black garlic sauce. Juicy, large as hell and flavorful are the first thoughts that come to mind. But no burger is complete without the fries. The Bosscat fries takes two days to prepare and the recipe is a secret, but they are delicious nevertheless.

Bosscat Sticky Bun burger
Bosscat Sticky Bun burger

Another burger they serve is strictly for the brunch crowd. The Sticky Bun Breakfast burger is made with a sticky bun with sliced smoked ham,in- house ground beef, cheese, duck fat fried egg and pecans on top. You’re thinking to yourself, why in the world would I get this burger?  Well, on the top of their menu their brunch motto says “…because calories don’t count on Sundays”. It’s one whole breakfast in a neat package.

Canadians love cheese too…

egg pountine
Bosscat Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian staple that has been around for the last 60 years. To be considered a poutine, it must have these three delicious ingredients : cheese curds, french fries and gravy. Everything else is just an extra level of enjoyment. Bosscat has  some really good poutine and it’s shareable, it’s fulling, it’s nap inducing and it’s everything.  The Bosscat Poutine is made with their homemade Bosscat fries, pork belly, Ellsworth Creamery cheese curds, and Andouille sausage gravy. Make sure you grab yourself a nice whiskey or cocktail or both. It doesn’t matter at this point, you will be full and sleepy before the drinks comes to the table after eating this meal anyways.  

frog leg
Nashville hot frog legs

Have you ever wanted to go to Nashville and have hot frog legs? You’re in luck! Bosscat has what you need! The Nashville Hot Frog Legs are buttermilk battered frog legs, that’s tossed in a Nashville hot sauce and served on a piece of white bread to soak the juices for you. This was a great appetizer that I refused to share with anyone who asked.

Beef and chicken and potatoes… Am I on a farm?

Braised Beef short rib

I was lucky the first time I visited Bosscat. The owners were very generous with their time in describing their food on the menu. You can tell that they’ve tasted everything on the menu. This wonderful suggestion by J.T. was one of my favorites. The 12 hour Braised Beef Short Rib that is made with Midwest braised beef short rib, in a black pepper sauce, potato gratin and topped with another fried egg! Sorry for the picture. I was too excited to eat!

For the love of Brunch…

Fruity Pebble French Toast

The Fruity Pebble French Toast. The creativity of this meal gives it a 12 on a scale of 1-10.  The bread that was used was perfect. It soaked up the flavors but didn’t get soggy whatsoever. I literally ate half, shared some later, took it home and ate it for breakfast the next day!  Their french toast is infused with condensed milk glaze, chopped bacon, fruity pebbles and fresh berries. Its only on brunch!  🙁 And its very popular. And you might see me there eating it again.

Another favorite of mine…

breakfast brunch
Everything breakfast!

Another candidate for meal of the year goes to the Short Rib Chilaquiles. It’s made with shredded beef short rib, over corn tortillas, cheese, sliced avocado and topped off with a fried egg and sour cream! This was so fulling. You can definitely skip dinner with this combination. It sticks to your bones and doesn’t let go until you wake up again.

Overall, Bosscat has some really good food. The atmosphere is incredible. They have the glass garage doors that open to let sunlight and fresh air in, and you have the vibe of California throughout the restaurant. It makes sense, because there is another Bosscat in Newport, California. The Houston food scene is getting very robust and its getting harder to differentiate yourself from one restaurant to another. But Bosscat had definitely separated themselves from everyone else with their food, atmosphere, drinks and prices. They’ve only been open for a few weeks and they have already made a significant impact to the food scene.

Go check them out!

Bosscat Kitchen+ Libations

Bosscat Yelp Photos


Houston’s Taste of the Nation for No Kid Hungry

Houston food

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Houston’s Taste of the Nation is coming up on September 29. Some of the best culinary talent in the state –
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houston chef

Korean Fried Chicken. Let’s go!

big huge fries

Hello everyone!  Another day. Another foodie outing.  We wanted something to eat close by the house and there was one place right up the street that fit the bill. We chose Dak & Bop off Almeda  and Binz street .Their main theme is Korean Fried Chicken. You choose from several chicken sauces and then it’s fried, then sauced , then fried one more time and served with your choice of dipping sauce(s). Pretty straightforward, right?

Once we entered the restaurant and smelled the aroma of fresh seasonings, we were definitely ready to eat everything they had to offer. The place is small, but not tiny. We recommend groups no bigger than 6 people. The wait was about 15 to 20 mins for our table, so definitely grab a drink while you wait.

While we waited we checked out the menu to see the damage we were about to do!happy girlfriend


They have wings, chicken strips and drumsticks, but they also have a wide variety of other foods to choose from on the menu. They have Baos, which are small sandwiches with meat on a steamed rice bun. They come in Chicken (fried), Carnitas and Philly cheese steak varietiesTheir french fries come in Plain, Parmesan fries, Truffle fries, Truffle-Parmesan fries , Kimchi fries and Kimchi fries with pork or beef. Additionally they have Macaroni and Cheese , Empanadas and salad options. Our next visit will entail getting one of each everything that we didnt try out the first time.

Check out the full Korean inspired menu below to get the full details.

Fries first! 

When it came to which flavor of french fries we wanted, the natural and obvious choice was the Kimchi fries with beef!!! (click the picture to make yourself even more hungry)big huge fries


Their Kimchi fries have a four cheese blend, spicy mayo, Dak and Bok (secret) sauce, green onions, caramelized kimchi , cilantro and toasted sesame seeds.

Wings second! 

The wings were cook perfectly and were full of flavor. Recently, we’ve been criticizing the way wings have been cooked at certain places. Especially wings prepared from that very popular place around Texas. But these wings were spot on! They were crispy, sweet, spicy and definitely satisfying.

The flavors! 

Soy Garlic (minus a wing) (Note: We were hungry)

soy garlic korean


and the Siracha Honey lime (minus a wing)

honey chicken wings


They have a great bar area and have happy hour from Monday through Saturday from 5 to 7pm.  They have a full bar with domestic and imported beer, wine and Sake.  Check out the link to the menu below for the full run down.

If you want some wings that’s Korean inspired or just bored with regular wings, then we can definitely recommend this place for a visit. But remember there may be limited seating , so make sure you have a backup plan.Parking is also limited, so be prepared to park on the street.

Their Menu

Dap & Bok Menu 

Their location 

Dak & Bop

Eat well my friends!